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Parallel imported car refers to the car that domestic automobile trade corporates buy foreign cars at abroad directly and sell in domestic market after passing 3C identification and custom inspection. Circulation links are reduced, so the price is lower.

Shanghai Free Trade Zone issued the first group of list of parallel import pilots according to Notice about Building Parallel Automobile Pilot in China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone and relevant national regulations. As the leading domestic passenger car dealer and comprehensive services vendor, Yongda Automobiles becomes one of the first group certified automobile dealer groups that sell paralle imported cars.

Yongda leads to require the dealer qualification of parallel imported car, which expands its businesses and will have positive influence on its increase of performance.

As the one of the first group of pilot enterprises, Yongda Group brings to more promises to customers on after-sale service guarantee when undertaking sales responsibilities. With the current 4S stores and “Auto Repair” chain maintenance centers, Yongda Group meets customers’ after-sale guarantee needs and brings brand new service experience to customers.