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The year of 2015 was the first year for the rapid development of new energy vehicles in China. New energy vehicle, as one of the three prominent strategic focuses on the country: energy, environmental protection and automobile industry, the sales volume of new energy vehicles recorded 330,000 units in 2015, representing a 3.4 times increase as compared to 2014. The central and local governments continually introduced preferential policies for new energy vehicles, such as licence plate bans exemption, unrestricted use of vehicles, price subsidies and tax subsidies for vehicle purchases. On the other hand, new energy vehicles dealers, rental companies and vehicle charging service providers also made good progress in production scale and improvement in vehicle charging system and actively launched different competitive vehicle models.

Yonda actively captured the industry trend and business development, Registered as a new energy vehicle industry investment company. We entered into strategic cooperation agreement with Foxconn and China Telecom, pursuant to which all parties agreed to explore the construction of “4G+Internet of vehicles+intelligent vehicle charging station+electric vehicles timeshare rental services network construction”. We obtained authorization from 3 major domestic new energy vehicles brands, completed the first batch of new energy vehicle Experience Center and now we started operations . We also proactively planned our new energy vehicles sales and service outlets in Shanghai and other regions of China as well as carried forward to the relevant works for professional team reserves and industry research of charging stations. In 2016, Yonda will officially join New Energy Vehicle Branch of China Automobile Dealers Association, step into national new energy industry investment circle, and meanwhile, will be following the launch and preparation for the fund used in china new energy vehicle industry development.