China Yongda Auto Service Holding Company


2019/04/30 SWS Research: Easing pressure. Rating: Buy; Target price up from HK$8 to HK$9
2019/04/30 CICC: 1Q19 profitability improves QoQ; popular BMW models to fuel growth. Rating: Outperform; Target price up from HK$7.3 to HK$9.2
2019/04/30 BOCI: Gross margin further recovered in 1Q19. Upgrade rating to Buy; Raised target price from HK$6.5 to HK$8.5
2019/04/30 Credit Suisse:1Q19 beat due to higher-than-expected margin on BMW subsidy. Rating: Outperform; Target price up from HK$9 to HK$9.3
2019/04/30 CCBI:Recovery on course. Upgrade rating to Outperform; Target price up from HK$9.1 to HK$9.5
2019/03/28 CICC: Monetary easing + Demand of luxury brands recovered. Re-rating up to Outperform; and target price lift from HK$6.4 to HK$7.3.
2019/03/27 Everbright Securities: 2018 results in line, estimate new car GPM maintain in low. Rating: Neutral; Raised target price from HK$5.64 to HK$6.44
2019/03/27 BOCOM International: The worst likely over. Re-rating up to Buy; target price: HK$7.5
2019/03/27 BOCI: 2018 earnings in line; new-car-sales margin recovered in 4Q18. Rating: Neutral; Raised target price from HK$5.0 to HK$6.5
2019/03/27 Citi: 1st day Post-Result NDR takeaways. Rating: Buy; Raised target price from HK$7.4 to HK$8.1
2019/03/26 CCBI:Time to pause. Rating: Neutral; Target price up from HK$5.8 to HK$6.3
2019/02/25 SWS Research: Demand recovery. Rating upgrade from hold to buy, and target price raise from HK$5.70 to HK$8.0
2019/02/25 Citi: Rerating + Re-Leverage—Raise TP from HK$6 to HK$7.40. Rating: Buy,target price :HK $7.4
2019/02/19 HSBC: China Auto Dealers –Time to revisit the laggards. Upgrade rating from hold to buy. Target price: HK$6.80.
2018/10/09 Credit Suisse: BMW China dealers to benefit from car maker’s big-ticket cash subsidy. Lift TP from HK$13 to $13.5. Rating: Buy, TP: HK$13.5.
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